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#43 "Attack when you can" - Choosing the best options when surfing

This video outlines three common errors that surfers make when making choices on the waves they ride...

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# 42 Layback Snaps - Secret to Success

This video outlines the key components of successful Layback Snaps...

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#41 Difficult Finishes - Understand the Process

This video outlines the three areas that surfers should be aware of to perfect their finishes in dif...

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# 40 Surfing Through Fat Sections

The best technique to use is to surf rail-to-rail whenever possible, and this approach should the fi...

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#39 Using Task Relevant Words - Cutbacks

Understanding the key moments in a cutback's execution, then coming up with task relevant words that...

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#38 Task Relevant Words - A simple focusing skill for surfers

Task Relevant words are words that correspond to an action that a surfer may want to perform. Words ...

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