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Surfing Solutions

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#43 "Attack when you can" - Choosing the best options when surfing

This video outlines three common errors that surfers make when making choices on the waves they ride...

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# 42 Layback Snaps - Secret to Success

This video outlines the key components of successful Layback Snaps...

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#41 Difficult Finishes - Understand the Process

This video outlines the three areas that surfers should be aware of to perfect their finishes in dif...

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# 40 Surfing Through Fat Sections

The best technique to use is to surf rail-to-rail whenever possible, and this approach should the fi...

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#39 Using Task Relevant Words - Cutbacks

Understanding the key moments in a cutback's execution, then coming up with task relevant words that...

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#38 Task Relevant Words - A simple focusing skill for surfers

Task Relevant words are words that correspond to an action that a surfer may want to perform. Words ...

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It's only been a couple of sessions but I feel an improvement already.The body is not that quick to respond (I'm 55) but the mental strategies are helping (wave selection, successful finish etc)... Thanks for the help. I’m STOKED!

Steve - Long Island, NY, USA

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