Hyundai Australian SUP Titles –Marathon & Technical Racing Entry

Fri 9th November 2018 – Tue 13th November 2018
Registration Open
Fri 2nd November 2018 5:00PM
entries close 14 Nov 2018

The Australian SUP Titles will host a Marathon & Technical Racing Australian Titles division. This component of the Australian SUP Titles is a 20km Marathon race and a 4-8km Technical race which will include;

Technical Racing (4-8km)

  • Open Men SUP Technical
  • Open Women SUP Technical
  • 040 Open Men SUP Technical
  • 040 Open Women SUP Technical
  • 050 Open SUP Technical
  • Junior Men SUP Technical
  • Junior Women SUP Technical

Marathon Racing (20km)

  • Open Men SUP Marathon
  • Open Women SUP Marathon
  • 040 Open Men SUP Marathon
  • 040 Open Women SUP Marathon
  • 050 Open SUP Marathon
  • Junior Men SUP Marathon
  • Junior Women SUP Marathon

These divisions will be run within the Hyundai Australian SUP Titles. The competition period for this division will be;

  • Technical Race – November 12
  • Marathon Race – November 13

Board Specifications: (Technical & Marathon racing)

  • All SUP Paddle craft is to be (14’0 and under)
  • All Prone Paddle craft is to be (12’0 stock and under)

Please note the following board size and type requirements must be met for all Marathon & Technical competitors. All boards will be measured by the Beach Marshal and marked before the race(s) commences.

Marathon Racing (20km)*Discipline will be an open ocean. All SUP & Prone Marathon racing divisions will be conducted in a majority ocean racing format.

Rules and Regulations:

  • PFDs (need to be worn or carried on person, not attached to board)
  • PFD’s are compulsory for all SUP Marathon competitors
  • PFDs are to be provided by the competitor for SUP/Prone Marathon race
  • PFDs are to be strictly a type 1,2 or 3 including inflatable type 1
  • Leg ropes will be compulsory at National Titles for all SUP & Paddleboard Racing divisions
  • Leg ropes are to be provided by the competitor for all SUP & Paddleboard Racing divisions
  • In regards to equipment, boards must be of a single mould and with a fixed fin
  • Dependent on conditions and at the discretion of the Contest Director, a cut-off time at a certain race point could be used for safety reasons
  • Competitors may compete in TWO surf divisions and ONE division in both Technical and Marathon races
  • Please note: Contest organisers won’t hold disciplines at the same time during the Titles period with the exception of the Marathon & SUP Community Challenge (Marathon)race, however disciplines may be back-to-back depending on conditions
  • Competitors MUST not leave their craft to advance over exposed sandbanks if present in the during any Race

PLEASE NOTE: Competitors can only enter 1 discipline in either SUP or Prone Technical & Marathon racing divisions as these races will be scheduled within the same race window.

Surfing Australia (Attn: Beau Brenchley)




Marathon & Technical racing competitors automatically qualify to compete at the National Titles in any racing division of the Hyundai Australian SUP Titles if a competitor has competed at their respective State Titles any respective racing division.

Entries are open to competitors who fulfil the Australian residency guidelines specified in the Surfing Australia Rule Book (entry eligibility below). These entries are open via on from Friday 2nd November 2018 at 5pm AEST and will be communicated to State branches.

Entry Eligibility:

*PLEASE NOTE: Proof of Citizenship is required for racing divisions.

Please note ALL Australian SUP Titles competitors must be holders of or eligible to hold an Australian passport.

To ensure that ALL competitors are eligible to compete (as per the Rule Book) it is a requested requirement that ALL competitors in the Australian SUP Titles submit either a photocopy of their Birth Certificate (showing birth place within Australia), current Australian Passport or Australian Citizenship Certificate before they will be allowed to surf. Copies of these documents must be submitted. If these documents cannot be supplied then the competitor will not be allowed to compete!

Division Price
Open Men - SUP Technical SUP $80.00
Open Women - SUP Technical SUP $80.00
Over 40 Men - SUP Technical SUP $80.00
Over 40 Women - SUP Technical SUP $80.00
O50 Open - SUP TECHNICAL SUP $80.00
Junior Men - SUP TECHNICAL SUP $80.00
Junior Women - SUP TECHNICAL SUP $80.00
Open Men - SUP MARATHON SUP $80.00
Open Women - SUP Marathon SUP $80.00
O40 Open Men - SUP MARATHON SUP $80.00
O40 Open Women - SUP MARATHON SUP $80.00
O50 Open - SUP MARATHON SUP $80.00
Junior Men - SUP MARATHON SUP $80.00
Junior Women - SUP MARATHON SUP $80.00
Entries Closed