Adaptive Surfers Complete Walk for Waves Journey With Epic Climb

SYDNEY/NSW(August 8,2016): Seven adaptive surfers completed a journey of more than 165 kms and 1,000 steps, to reach the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge today, raising funds and awareness for those living a full life with prosthetic limbs.

The milestone climb, highlighting the accomplishment of ambitious goals, took place on the final day of Walk for Waves: an 11 day fund raising initiative taking participants from Newcastle to Manly across 15kms of coastal walk each day.

The Walk for Waves was also created to assist with funding to develop Adaptive Surfing in Australia, equipment for Adaptive surfers, and help the Australian Adaptive Surf Team achieve their goals at the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Adaptive Surfing Championships again this year in Southern California.

 Jade ‘Red’ Wheatley, pro-adaptive surfer, below the knee amputee and organiser of the event said: “These surfers are determined individuals who have adapted their lives to continue to surf at a high level and to do other things they love to do in life.”

“We felt conquering the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was a fitting climax to an epic journey, demonstrating you can conquer any limitation and achieve the great things you put your mind to.

“Standing up here, on top of the world, we can look down on the best view of Sydney with phenomenal pride, with sections of the great coastal walk we have just completed in view.”

 The seven amputee Climbers safely ascended the eastern arch of the famous ‘coat hanger’ for a summit celebration, 134 metres above the sparkling harbour. They then crossed over to the west to descend the Bridge and completing the 11 day expedition.

 Chris Symington, Surfing Australia’s General Manager Sport Development And High Performance completed the climb with the group.

“ It was an amazing day for the climb and a privilege for Surfing Australia to be involved with such a fantastic initiative that not only raises awareness for those living a full life with prosthetic limbs, but our Australian Adaptive Surfers and the profile of the sport, “said Symington.

 More than 3.5 million Climbers aged from 8 to 100 from more than 137 countries have summited the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Many have overcome their own personal adversities including age, nerves, mental and physical disabilities.

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