Surfing Australia And Hachette Publishing House Team Up For Girls In Surfing

(13th September 2017): Surfing Australia is proud to announce a new partnership with Australian Publishing House, Hachette, to release an exciting book series called ‘Surf Riders Club’ by author and keen wave rider Mary Van Reyk.

Officially endorsed by Surfing Australia,  today's launch of the first book in the series- ‘Ava’s Big Move’ - coincides with Australian Reading Hour. 

“My best childhood memories are of being active outdoors with my friends. It's a really special part of growing up, and I want my books to encourage kids to engage with each other and our beautiful coast. I'm also a beginner surfer, and whenever I surf or watch surfing it reminded me of the bonds learning a sport can build. Having Surfing Australia on board is a huge honour, their knowledge, history and community make surfing accessible for everyone to enjoy, regardless of your skill level," said Van Reyk.

The first book in the series is about Ava, having grown up in a big city, everything changes when her parents decide to sell their house for a sea change – they’re moving to the small coastal town called Beachcrest to open a cafe. Ava will be starting high school that year, and now she has to say goodbye to her friends and city lifestyle.

Her new school is very different and Ava misses snowboarding – but her parents have made it clear they won’t be going on snow trips any time soon. Then she hears that surfing is going to be offered as a sport for the first time, Ava knows it uses similar skills to snowboarding so she decides to give it a try. Not everyone thinks she can become a surfer, but Ava is determined to prove them wrong, and she’s making new best friends along the way.

Surfing Australia CEO Andrew Stark said, “We’re pleased to be partnering with publishing house, Hachette Australia, to bring these surfing stories to young girls across Australia. Through the Surf Riders Club series, we hope that more aspiring female surfers are encouraged to get in the ocean and experience the joy and benefits of surfing.”

The first book’s inspirational foreword, written by Tyler Wright, reads: “Surfing is an art form that makes me feel free. My older siblings inspired me to catch my first wave at 4 years of age and I instantly fell in love. Having people in your life that believe in you, challenge you and share in your journey is what life is all about. I feel so fortunate to have grown up on the south coast of NSW, surrounded by amazing waves and pristine nature in a surf loving family. Being in the ocean with my mates makes me feel happy and alive. We all need friends and family we can rely on, learn from, share experiences with and edge each other out of our comfort zone.”

Managing Director Sales, Product, Finance & Distribution - Hachette Australia & New Zealand Louise Sherwin-Stark said ‘Surf Riders Club’ couldn’t have come at a better time for the Publishing House, who were on the hunt for a female sports focused body of work.

“Hachette Australia had been actively looking for series of books focused on encouraging girls into sport when Mary Van Reyk’s Surf Riders Club hit our desks. We loved the strong supportive friendship group and the girls’ determination to become surfers - a sport still dominated by boys,” said Sherwin-Stark.

“Thanks to Surfing Australia’s support, we have included the most inspiring forward by Tyler Wright, 2016 WSL Women’s World Surfing Champion, and will be able to directly reach aspiring young Australian surfers. From where we sit, the Surfing Australia partnership is a great collaboration. Hachette can encourage reading girls to learn to surf and Surfing Australia can encourage SurfGroms to read a book. The benefits of both reading and sport have been well documented, and we hope this partnership with promote both to children around the country.”

Wahu are also on board to help with the launch by giving away a $500 Wahu pack.  

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