The Surf Dive 'N Ski Girls Go Surfing Day Set For March 3rd Across Aussie Beaches

COOLANGATTA/QLD (January 16th 2018): There will be a distinctly feminine feel on beaches around the country come Saturday March 3rd when the Surf Dive ‘N Ski Girls Go Surfing Day hits the waves. 

Initiated originally to drive mums, aunties, grandmas, daughters, nieces, sisters and all other females into the surf and onto a board, the revamped program, which was last run in 2013 following 23 years of this all-female program being held, encourages girls of any age and ability to come along and learn from an experienced instructor how to surf.

Surf Dive ‘N Ski General Manager David Keay said: “Surf Dive ‘N Ski has always been committed to encouraging participation in the surf, and growing the sport through supporting grassroots events. The Girls Go Surfing Day provides an amazing opportunity to share the experience of surfing and also to give back to the Surf for Life Project.”

Nearly 50 Surfing Australia affiliated surf schools from Queensland right around to Western Australia will host a day full of fun under the sun for women of all ages, setting participants up to go surfing for life.

Participants will have a two-hour surf lesson and receive a $100 Surf Dive ‘N Ski participation pack with $5 from the $75 total cost per person going directly back into the Surf for Life Project.

Surfing Australia CEO Andrew Stark said: "We’re very excited to be bringing the Surf Dive ‘N Ski Girls Go Surfing Day to the shores of Australia in 2018. This Surfing Australia female participation program was successful for 23 years and after a few years break, we are bringing this program back-to-life for our surf school network and more importantly, to encourage female participation in our sport.

"Not only that, but with the support of our partners Surf Dive ‘N Ski and nudie, we are able to inject $5 from every booking back into The Surf For Life project which gives underprivileged children a chance to experience the benefits and joy of surfing."

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