Port Macquarie NSW


Wed 19th July 2017 – Thu 20th July 2017
Registration Open
Fri 31st March 2017 5:00PM
entries close 19 Jul 2017

Event Dates: Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th July, 2017

EVENT HOTLINE  -    0458-247-212   -  please call for BEACH LOCATION 

Event Entries:  
You must have qualified through your School Regional Surfing Championships. All School Surfing competitors must be currently enrolled students at the school they are representing. You must be a NSW resident and Surfing NSW member. 

Event Dates: Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th July, 2017

EVENT HOTLINE  -    0458-247-212   -  please call for BEACH LOCATION 

Allocations for regions are as follows: 

  • AllStars Division - top two (2) surfers from each region - in each division - These surfers compete as individuals to determine the top two NSW school surfers. 
  • MR Shield = 1 Team - representing one school (2 surfers) in each division - these surfers compete in a tag team event

To Enter: You must enter online and forward your entry form signed by school and parent directly to: info@surfingnsw.com.au

Download School Authority form HERE

  • All Stars  =  $60.00
  • MR Shield  =  $100 school team  - $50 per surfer  (2 surfers - 1 school team)

Closing Date: 
Monday 26th June 2017  - IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND - Please advise your Regional contact and Surfing NSW on chey@surfingnsw.com.au   or (02) 9349 7055 - ASAP

Age clarifications 
These are Under Age Divisions. Surfers must be under the specified age as at 31st December 2017. i.e. a surfer in the Under 16s division must still be 15 or younger on 31/12/2017 - cannot turn 16 at all this year.

Format & Heat Draw

All Stars - - will surf Wednesday 19th July  -  50% progression

MR Shield -  will surf Thursday 20th July  - Tag team 2nd chance format.   Rules:  Only one of the two surfers in the School team will be out in the water at any one time. Each heat will go for 20 minutes where both surfers will need to surf within this time frame seperately (e.g. like a tag team format). Each surfer is able to catch up to 5  waves but ONLY 1 WILL BE COUNTED. Once the surfer has completed their waves or is happy with one wave they are to return to shore and tag the second surfer and repeat. The highest scoring wave for each surfer will be added together to get the total (2 waves total - 1 wave per surfer).

Port Macquarie Hastings Council welcomes competitors, family, friends and spectators to the NSW Junior Surfing Festival 2017

Council welcomes these amazing young surfers to the Port Macquarie-Hastings including our locally grown surfing talent and encourages the community to make their way to the beach and cheer on these great young surfing ambassadors.


Accommodation in Port Macquarie

For a large range of accommodation choices in the Port Macquarie area please click HERE
Port Macquarie Hastings Council visitor centre will be able to assist with the best accommodation to suit your needs

Accomodation event supporter:

BIG4 Bonny Hills is a peaceful paradise with absolute beachfront on Rainbow Beach, the koalas aren’t the only ones to call this home. Just 20 minutes south of Port Macquarie, this family friendly park has a swimming pool, waterplay park, mini golf, inflatable trampoline and TV activity room. Discover nature's delights of the Camden Haven and Port Macquarie areas including secluded coastal beaches, lakes and rivers, lookouts, waterfalls and bushwalks and take advantage of our range of accommodation and sites. It will be the ‘best holiday ever”!

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Surfing NSW on (02) 9349 7055 or sue@surfingnsw.com.au

Competitors will also be invited to a new communication platform called Buzzy Buzz where they will recieve notifications and updates about any changes regarding the event.

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All competitors must be a current member of Surfing NSW to compete.

Refunds: Refunds will not be given within 7 days of the event start date. All refunds required will cost a $10.00 administration fee. 

Age Eligibility: 

Under Age - you cannot turn the nominated age this year - ie. Under 14 - you cannot turn 14 this year, you must be 13 years or under on 31/12/2017.

Over Age  - you must be the nominated age as at 1/1/2016. ie. Over 35 - you must have been 35 on 1/1/2017. 

Division Price
Under 19 Girls - MR Shield Shortboard $50.00
Under 16 Girls - MR Shield Shortboard $50.00
Under 19 Boys - MR Shield Shortboard $50.00
Under 16 Boys - MR Shield Shortboard $50.00
Under 19 Girls - Allstars Shortboard $60.00
Under 16 Girls - Allstars Shortboard $60.00
Under 19 Boys - Allstars Shortboard $60.00
Under 16 Boys - Allstars Shortboard $60.00
Entries Closed