Sussex Inlet, NSW NSW

NSW O + E Southern Cross SUP Festival 2017

Fri 28th April 2017 – Sun 30th April 2017
Registration Open
Wed 1st March 2017 5:00PM
entries close 24 Apr 2017

NSW Ocean & Earth Southern Cross Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Festival will again stage in the iconic Shoalhaven beaches and waterways.

The three-day event will take place around Sussex Inlet from Friday, 28th April to Sunday, 30th.

The event acts as the NSW State Stand Up Paddle Board Titles across surfing and racing with the results of the event determining the NSW SUP Team for the 2017 Australian SUP Titles. 

Shoalhaven City Council warmly welcomes all competitors, families, supporters and spectators to the Ocean & Earth Southern Cross SUP Festival 2017.  CLICK HERE for all tourism and activities in the area.

* For Race information and courses please click HERE


By 5pm Thursday 27th April we will have a location confirmed for the event and all competitors will recieve a message 

There is high possibility we will be looking at Narrawallee or Mollymook for the event as there is a large south swell on its way 

Please call the event Hotline on Friday 28th after 6:15am for confirmation on event location 

0458 247 212

- Day 1 (Surf)

- Day 2 (Surf & Technical) 

- Day 3 (Marathon) Please refer to Race info Guide HERE to see options depending on conditions

Heat Draws & Schedule

Heat Draws and Schedule are now uploaded. Please click 'Download Draw' on right hand side.

*Please note schedule is subject to change

Entry/Event Information

  • Entries will open online at 5pm on Wednesday 1st March 2017.
  • Please refer to the Surfing Australia Rulebook 2017 HERE for:
  1. Judging Criteria (Page 44);
  2. SUP Specifications (Page 45);
  3. SUP Scoring Guidelines (Page 49); and
  4. SUP Racing Rules (Page 50).
  • All competitors in the Surfing division will gain two surfs and no one will be eliminated first round. (subject to change if demand increases).
  • All entries will not be allocated from Regional Titles. Entry is based on first in and entered gains the positions.
  • All competitors surf or race need to be a member of Surfing NSW for 2017.
  • Racing Divisions are open national and international competitors.
  • Surfing Divisions are only NSW competitors for 2017 (excluding invitational division).
  • Only NSW race competitors will progress to Team NSW for the National titles.


Event Divisions (Racing & Surfing)


  • Open Men
  • Open Women
  • Open Over 40's
  • Open Over 50's
  • Under 21 Juniors (boys & girls) - Only at a state level for development


For all informaion and maps on Technical and Marathon Race please click HERE

Technical (4km-6km)

You may use a 14' board however, If you would like to qualify for the 2017 Toyota Australian SUP Titles you must use a 12'6 at the State Titles as this the ISA Standard  

  • SUP Open Men (14') *if you want to qualify for the Australian Titles you must use a 12'6 at State
  • SUP Open Women (14')  *if you want to qualify for the Australian Titles you must use a 12'6 at State
  • SUP Open Over 40 (14')  *if you want to qualify for the Australian Titles you must use a 12'6 at State
  • SUP Open Over 50 (14')  *if you want to qualify for the Australian Titles you must use a 12'6 at State

These rules can be found in the rulebook

The Technical Race will feature an offshore course that will challenge competitors' technical, surfing and athletic skills. Technical Race competitors will complete multiple laps of an offshore circuit that will include an exchange area where they must beach their equipment for a short sand run around a course flag. This will be held at the location of the surfing.

Marathon (12km-14km)

  • SUP Open Men (14')
  • SUP Open Women (14')
  • SUP Over 40 Women (14')
  • SUP Open Over 40 (14')
  • SUP Open Over 50 (14')

Discipline will be a point-to-point open ocean race with all races held together. Potentially have a staggered start for each race.



Please note: registering for SUP this year is slightly different.

You will need to ONLY SELECT AND PAY FOR ONE PACKAGE OPTION ($$) (below).

We then require you to also select which divisions you will enter by registering into the divisions that correlate with your chosen package deal at $0.00 cost - in doing this we aim to keep all entries online.


Email to be put onto the reserve list for a 2nd surfing division and we will assess numbers closer to the event. Surfing NSW will open up entries for the additional divisions on the Mon 3rd April. Consideration into transaction date AND 2016 Aussie/State Results for that second division will determine those who will get to attain this spot.


Package Option 1 = Single Entry Fees $88

  • Single Surf Divison = $88 (enter online below)
  • Single Technical Race = $88(enter online below)
  • Single Marathon Race  = $88 (enter online below)

Package Option 2 = Combination of 2 DIFFERENT Components $140 (1 surfing division ONLY)

  • One Surf Divison & One Technical Race  or
  • One Surf Divison & One Marathon Race  or
  • One Technical Race & One Marathon Race 

Package Option 3 =  All 3 SUP Components $180

  • One Surf Divison & One Technical Race & One Marathon Race division.


Age clarification

  • Open Division (no age limit).
  • Over Age Division - (Competitors must be of age as of the 1st January 2017) - eg. Over 35 Division competitor must be aged 35 years old or over as at 1st January 2017.
  • Under age divisions, (you must be under the specified age as at 31/12/17 - ie. To enter Under 18, you must be 17 years or under on 31st December 2017).


If you have any questions or issues with entering, please contact:

Entry enquiry (Events & Office Administrator):

Event enquiry (Event Manager)


 Toyota Australian SUP Titles - Tues 14 Nov – Sat 18 Nov, 2017 – Gold Coast, QLD

NSW Allocations

Surfing:      Open Men- 6 / Open Women- 2  / O40 Open Men- 5 / O40 Open Women- 2 /O50 Open-3

Marathon:  Open Men- 6 / Open Women- 2 / O40 Open Men- 5 / O40 Open Women- 2 / O50 Open-3

Technical:  Open Men-  6 / Open Women- 2 / O40 Open Men- 3 / O40 Open Women- 2 / O50 Open-2


Competitors who have qualified for the Australian Surf Festival will be contacted via email and invited to register for Aussie Titles via an online event page. 

It is important that all competitor details are current in order to disseminate important competitor information. If you need to update your personal details e.g. Phone number/email address/ home address please do so under “Edit” on your profile on the website.


All registrations online. There will be a window whereby registration will close. From this point the next in line for qualification will be contacted (these people are placed automatically on the reserve list). 

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All competitors must be a current member of Surfing NSW to compete. 


- No refunds will be given within 7 days of the event 

- All refunds will incur a $10.00 admin fee

Division Price
Open Women - SUP Surfing SUP $0.00
Over 50 Men - SUP Surfing SUP $0.00
SUP Surfing U21 M/F SUP $0.00
Open Men - SUP Surfing SUP $0.00
Over 40 Men - SUP Surfing SUP $0.00
Over 40 Women - SUP Surfing SUP $0.00
Over 50 Open - SUP Marathon SUP $0.00
Over 40 Women - SUP Technical SUP $0.00
Over 40 Men - SUP Marathon SUP $0.00
Over 50 Men - SUP Technical SUP $0.00
Over 40 Men - SUP Technical SUP $0.00
Over 40 Women - SUP Marathon SUP $0.00
Open Women - SUP Marathon SUP $0.00
Reserve List SUP $0.00
Open Women - SUP Technical SUP $0.00
Package Option 2: Combination of any 2 divisions SUP $140.00
Package Option 3: All 3 Surf Components (Surf Division, Technical Race & Marathon Race) SUP $180.00
Package Option 1: Single Entry Fee (Single Surf, Technical Race, Marathon divisions) SUP $88.00
Open Men - SUP Technical SUP $0.00
Open Men - SUP Marathon SUP $0.00
Entries Closed