Port Stephens NSW

Port Stephens Toyota NSW Pro & PRD, Kaos Surf Junior Divisions

Thu 2nd November 2017 – Sun 5th November 2017
Registration Open
Fri 13th October 2017 5:00PM
entries close 27 Oct 2017
OPEN WOMEN AM WILL NOW BE HELD ON SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Schedule available to download. 
Port Stephens Toyota NSW Pro 

Port Stephens Toyota NSW Pro brings the best surfers across the world to the NSW coastline. This newly formed event will combine WSL elite surfers with Surfing NSW junior and open woman superstars. The event will include Womens QS6000, Mens QS1000, Open Women AM and junior divisions.

Due to the short notice and excitement surrounding this event, we prompt all interested competitors to enter online ASAP. 

Location: Birubi Beach
Backup Location: One Mile Beach or Fingal Bay 
Banks: Primary and Secondary 

Please see link below for all Port Stephens information including accommodation, places to eat, and other great activities this beautiful town has to offer.


Port Stephens Toyota NSW Woman's Pro- QS6000

Check out all the hype while witnessing the worlds best female surfers battle it out. The Port Stephens Toyota NSW Pro will be the final Women's QS event for 2017 where 7 of the World Championship Tour surfers will be competing, these females include the likes of Joanne Defay, Sage Erickson, Tatiana Weston Webb, Coco Ho, Bronte Macauly, Keely Andrew and Pauline Ado.This will be the final QS event for the 2017 season where it will come down to the wire and be make or break for many of the competitors. 

When: 2nd-5th November 2017
Where: Primary Bank

Port Stephens Toyota NSW Mens QS1000

Flowing on from the Phillip Island Pro in Victoria this Mens QS1000 links up nicely for surfers to gain seeding points for the 2018 season. This event is forecasted to repeat in November in Port Stephens for the future so be sure to register quickly in order to secure your spot. The Port Stephens Toyota NSW Pro will be QS#51 and is the final Australian leg of the QS 2017. 

When: 2nd-5th November 2017
Where: Primary Bank

Port Stephens Women's challenge

Be involved in the Port Stephens Toyota NSW pro by competing in the Open Women AM. You do not have to be competing in the QS6000 to compete in this division. This is an amateur division and we highly recommend participation from all open women surfers. 

When: Friday the 3rd of November.
Where: Secondary Bank 

PRD, Kaos Surf Cadet Cup

This is an opportunity of a lifetime to compete alongside your surfing heroes. Junior divisions include Under 16 Boys, Under 16 Girls, Under 14  Boys, Under 14 Girls, Under 12 Boys, Under 12 Girls, Under 10 Boys and Under 10 girls. 

When: Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th November
Where: Secondary Bank 


All Mens QS1000 Entries will be submitted through the WSL Website.
Please click here to enter the QS1000

Competitors in the Open Women's AM and Junior divisions can enter online via selecting the appropriate division within this event page. The entry fee for Open Women's AM is $65.00 and Juniors is $60.00 incl GST. 

Entries open on Friday, 13th October 2017 @ 5:00pm


All participants must be under age as of the 31st December 2017.

Open Women's AM is open to all women who desire to participate in the event regardless if they are competing in the QS6000 or not. 


Please call the Event Hotline (0458247212) after 6:45am each event day for a confirmed running schedule. 


All participants must be under age as of the 31st December 2017. For example:

Under 16 boys and girls- Cannot turn 16 in 2017.
Under 14 boys and girls- Cannot turn 14 in 2017.
Under 12 boys and girls- Cannot turn 12 in 2017.
Under 10 boys and girls- Cannot turn 10 in 2017.

No refunds for withdrawal within fourteen days of the event. All refunds incur a $10.00 admin fee

Division Price
Under 16 Boys Shortboard $60.00
RESERVE LIST U/16 Boys Shortboard $0.00
Under 16 Girls Shortboard $60.00
RESERVE LIST U/16 Girls Shortboard $0.00
Under 14 Boys Shortboard $60.00
RESERVE LIST U/14 Boys Shortboard $0.00
Under 14 Girls Shortboard $60.00
RESERVE LIST U/14 Girls Shortboard $0.00
Under 12 Micro Groms Shortboard $60.00
RESERVE LIST U/12 Boys Shortboard $0.00
Under 12 Girls Shortboard $60.00
RESERVE LIST U/12 Girls Shortboard $0.00
Under 10 Girls Shortboard $60.00
Under 10 Boys Shortboard $60.00
RESERVE LIST U/10 Boys Shortboard $0.00
Open Womens AM Shortboard $65.00
RESERVE - Open Women Shortboard $0.00
Entries Closed