Port Stephens NSW

SURFARAMA Presented by Kaos Surf - PORT STEPHENS

Sat 14th October 2017 – Sun 15th October 2017
Registration Open
Mon 4th September 2017 5:00PM
entries close 09 Oct 2017

The objective of the Surfarama is to help young amateur surfers fulfill their surfing career and dreams. This is done through large amounts of prize money to the winners in each division. Surfarama Port Stephens will be presented to you by Kaos Surf.

The event will showcase some of Australia’s best young surfers battle it out for the prize money. The event will also have a beach festival vibe with live DJ's performing and live art with lots of fun beach activities. 

This event will be the fourth of the 6 events in the series. The Surfarama series will consist of a point score that will be kept at each event, which will put surfers in the running to win another lot of prize money if they have the highest point score at the end of the series. 


All participants must be of age as of the 31st December 2017.
Example:14-and-Under division can not turn 15 in 2017.
No refunds for withdrawal within seven days of the event. All refunds incur a $10.00 admin fee
For direct enquiries: Please email Indianna  http://surfarama.australia@outlook.com

Division Price
Open Men Shortboard $100.00
16 and Under Boys Shortboard $80.00
16 and Under Girls Shortboard $80.00
14 and Under Boys Shortboard $80.00
14 and Under Girls Shortboard $80.00
12 and Under Boys Shortboard $80.00
RESERVE - 16 & Under Boys Shortboard $0.00
RESERVE - 16 & Under Girls Shortboard $0.00
RESERVE - 14 & Under Boys Shortboard $0.00
RESERVE - 14 & Under Girls Shortboard $0.00
RESERVE - 12 & Under Boys Shortboard $0.00
Entries Closed