Yamba NSW

Open State Titles - Shortboard, Longboard & Logger - Yamba Surfing Festival

Sat 28th May 2016 – Tue 31st May 2016
Registration Open
Mon 18th January 2016 5:00PM
entries close 23 May 2016

Surfing NSW has combined the NSW open state shortboard, longboard & logger for men & women in 2016. 

The event will be held in Yamba from Saturday 28th to Tuesday 31st May, 2016

Sat 28 & Sun 29 May - Open Shortboard State Titles (Men & Women)

Mon 30 & Tues 31 May - Open Logger & Longboard State Titles (Men & Women)


This event is based around the most elite surfers in the state and results will determine the Open Male and Open Female team for 2016 Australian Surf Festival in August at Coffs Harbour for the Surfmasters & Longboard divisions. 

Event Prize Money $1000 split across 5 divisions

Open Men Shortboard winner - $500.00

Open Women Shortboard winner - $250.00

Open Men Longboard winner - $100.00

Open logger winner - $100.00


1st Place Open Men Shortboard - Wild card into the Round 96 Surfest Men QS6000

1st Place Open Women Shortboard - Wild card into the Round of 48 Surfest Women QS6000

Entry Information 

Open Monday 18th January 5pm (enter below)
There are very limited spots available and first in will gain positions. If your division entered is full please email advise SNSW so we can create a reserves list. Please call the office (02) 9349 7055 or email info@surfingnsw.com.au
All entrants must be a Surfing NSW member. 

REFUNDS:  No refunds will be given within the 7 day period prior to the commencement of the event.  A $10 admin fee will apply to all refunds. 

Competition will commence each day at 7:30am with the call for the day's schedule and location confirmed via the Event Hotline at 6:45am. 
The Event Hotline number is 0458 247 212 which will leave a voice recorded message. 

Event Format & Schedule

2016 will see a straight knock out format with 50% progression across all SHORTBOARD divisons. Each divison will consist of following round amounts:

Open Men Shortboard - Round of 64 with man on man heats from quarters onwards
Open Female Shorboard - Round of 20 with man on man heats from semis onwards 
2016 will see a 2nd chance format for all LONGBOARD divisions. 

Open Men Longboard - Round of 24
Open Women Longboard - Round of 12
Open Logger - Round of 16

Please scroll down to heat draw to see the event schedule showing which divison surfs at which time throughout the event and the event heat draw. Both will be uploaded on Wednesday 25th May 2016 @5pm. 

Accommodation & things to do and see:
Check out myclarencevalley.com.au …where you will find many accommodation options for the event as well as many "Things to Do and See" while your at the event. 

For further info please do not hesitate to contact Surfing NSW on (02) 9349 7055 or info@surfingnsw.com.au


All competitors must be a current member of Surfing NSW to compete. 

Division Price
Open Men Longboard $88.00
Open Logger Longboard $88.00
Open Women Longboard $88.00
Open Women Shortboard $99.00
Open Men Shortboard $99.00
Entries Closed