Surfing NSW and Rip Curl today celebrated Tyler Wright’s back-to-back world surfing championship title at Sydney’s North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club.

Wright reflected on her journey to once again accepting the title of World Champion, “I just know when I go out and do my thing, it makes me happy along with all of my support unit”. 

“I’m so excited to bring the trophy home to NSW,” said Tyler at a media conference. “The NSW system lets us all experience what it’s like to compete from a young age.

“I think all our NSW competitors on tour have won a state and national titles.”

Tyler praised NSW Sports Awards Coach of the year, Glen “Micro” Hall for being both a great human and an inspiration to her surfing, guiding her to a new level of performance. “I was always technically a front-runner for a world title while being on tour, but Glen showed me how to gain a world title mentality”. 

And she spoke of her excitement as she considered her campaign next year which will include J-Bay in South Africa and the KS Wave Co as venues. She also acknowledged how the prospects of surfing as an Olympic sport will add a new perspective to the sport.

Luke Madden, Surfing NSW CEO said, “We as an organisation are so proud of Tyler’s achievements and the fact she has come through the Surfing NSW system”. 

John O’Neill, Surfing NSW Chairman, said the nation was stoked at Tyler’s achievement and applauded her as a symbol of both the healthy surf lifestyle and a role model for young women.

Tyler is heading back to Hawaii tomorrow to support her brother Owen at the Pipe Masters, the final event on the Men’s World Championship Tour for the year.