Surfing NSW are looking forward to hosting the Indigenous Surfing Program (ISP) for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in 2015. 

The Surfing NSW ‘ISP’ aims to attract large numbers of young Indigenous communities to beaches throughout the state. Our program promotes health, enjoyment and wellbeing through the sport of surfing and ocean safety awareness, brining positive education to remote and location Indigenous communities. 

Our principle partners, NSW Government - Communities, Sport & Recreation and the Australian Government, continue to support and are aware of the benefits this program has on Indigenous health and activity. With participation increasing rapidly each year, Surfing NSW is excited about the continued growth and development of participants through the program. With the support for the government, Surfing NSW can facilitate this activity at a largely reduced cost to the participant. 

The program looks at the following skill set: 

- Ocean awareness

- Reading surf conditions

- Identifying dangerous situations in the ocean

- Basic fitness for surfing

- Paddling

- Catching broken waves

- Wave zone negotiation

- Wiping out safely 

- Equipment for surfing

- Sun smart behaviour

- Sport safe behaviour

- Environment awareness

These programs provide a very positive experience for participants, which in turn result in a more focused and healthy attitude in school life and beyond. 

We have a number of Surf Schools located up and down the NSW coastline who can facilitate the program. 

A typical lesson is structured as follows: 

Lesson time: 1.5 hours 

Cost to the participant: $10.00 (Surfing NSW invoice the organisation booking for the lesson so they can attend at a reduced cost)

Minimum participants: 6

Bookings are confirmed through Surfing NSW will communication between the Surf School and lesson attendees. 

Please note:

- shortly there will an application form uploaded to participate in the Surfing NSW Indigenous Surfing Program. 

- The program is very flexible and is available as a one off ‘come & try’ lesson or a 6-8 week continuous program (e.g. after school, or before school within the term). 

Upon the completing of learning to surf, stand up paddle board, each participant of the program receives a certificate & trucker cap. If they have completed the term long programs they will receive these items additionally with a medallion. 

If you have any questions regarding the Surfing NSW Indigenous Surfing Program (group booking, participating, donating etc) please do not hesitate in contacting