University Study

For over 20 years, UTS Sport has been committed to assisting athletes in their desire to combine high performance sport participation with a tertiary education. In order to assist with this balancing act, a funding program established by UTS Sport provides support to high achievers in a wide range of sporting pursuits through the UTS Elite and Emerging Athlete Program.

Program members can take advantage of a wide range of benefits, which may include: assistance with academic matters, financial assistance, gym membership, subject tutoring, athlete development programs, grants towards intervarsity sporting tournaments, and travel grants for international representation.

Athletes representing their state or school at a National level also have the opportunity to apply for 5 bonus ATAR points to assist with their entry to UTS:

There is a 4 step process to gain entry to UTS and the UTS EAP:

Contact Surfing NSW or UTS Sport to state your interest in studying at UTS and to receive guidance and information.

Apply directly to the University Admissions Centre by the 30th September, selecting the degrees you would be interested in undertaking at UTS. If you miss the September cut-off, don’t worry – late round applications are accepted until the 4th December.

Complete the UTS Elite Athletes and Performers Special Admissions Scheme application form by the 30th October to be in the running to receive 5 extra ATAR points.

University offers are released in January each year. Once enrolled at UTS, apply for the UTS Elite Athlete Program via UTS Sport by February 26th to start the process of receiving a scholarship to support your studies at UTS.

UTS Sport staff members will guide you through this process, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any of the following staff members:

Rachael Simmons: – 9514 1516

Fudge Atshan: – 9514 1891