North Stradbroke QLD

2018 Bede's Grom Shootout RESERVE LIST

Sat 5th May 2018 – Sun 6th May 2018
Registration Open
Fri 23rd March 2018 5:00PM
entries close 03 May 2018

This is the official Reserve List for the 2018 Bede's Grom Shootout


If the Division you wish to enter is currently FULL, please register here to possibly gain a spot in the Event.



Sometimes competitors cancel their entry into Events due to injury, sickness, etc. If you have registered on this Reserve List and a spot becomes available leading up to the Event and you are first in line on the Reserve List, you will be contacted via email/mobile/SMS and offered the spot.


"Under Age" Divisions - Competitors must be under the specified age as of 31 December 2018

Division Price
Under 12 Boys (non Parent Assist) Shortboard $0.00
Under 16 Girls Shortboard $0.00
Under 16 Boys Shortboard $0.00
Under 14 Girls Shortboard $0.00
Under 14 Boys Shortboard $0.00
Under 10 Girls (Parent Assist) Shortboard $0.00
Under 10 Boys (Parent Assist) Shortboard $0.00
Entries Closed