Tallebudgera Beach, Gold Coast QLD

The 2017 Gold Coast Classic Ocean Race

Sat 9th September 2017
Registration Open
Tue 6th June 2017 9:00AM
entries close 06 Sep 2017


The Gold Coast Prone Paddleboard Club Proudly Presents the "Gold Coast Classic Ocean Race" This event is an exciting paddling race for all Ocean Ski, Stand up, Prone and Outrigger paddlers, with race competitors travelling along the picturesque Gold Coast coastline from the Southport Seaway to Tallebudgera beach on the Northerly course, and from North Kirra beach to Snapper Rocks, and then through to Tallebudgera Beach on the Southerly course.

Water Safety Plan

Gold Coast Classic Program

Competition Rules

​PRIZES: Cash prizes and prize packs will be given to place getters by our sponsors. Cash prizes will only be given if your category has a minimum of 4 entrants. If there is less than 4 entrants the first place getter will only receive the allocated prize.


             $60 early bird (prior to 28.08.2017)

             $80 29.08.2017 - 06.09.2017

             $80 on the day entry with no event T-shirt guarantee

CONTACT: Jamie Paul for all SUP and Prone enquires on 0403482312

                Jeremy Cotter for all Ski enquiries on 0403946675

                or Kyle Hughes on 0412785575 if you cannot make contact with Jamie or Jeremy


Single division entry only for:

Ocean Ski

Spec ski

SUP 14' and unlimited

Prone unlimited and 12' stock

OC1 and OC2

Double Ocean Ski


Paddler Requirements

 All Paddlers sign event declaration that they understand the risks and acknowledge that they have read and understood the event water safety plan including their responsibilities in it (eg helping a distressed paddler, rendering assistance etc.)

Paddlers are encouraged to carry a mobile phone in a water proof bag. This can be used if withdrawing or in an emergency situation.

 Paddlers are encouraged to carry a red or orange flare. It is mandatory for ski and SUP paddlers to wear a PFD, and for Prone paddlers to be wearing a legrope attached to their board.

 Paddlers are required to be connected to their craft at all times by leg leash. This increases the capacity of each individual to self rescue significantly.






Division Price
PRONE Open Men Unlimited Other $80.00
Ocean Ski (40-49) Male Other $80.00
Ocean Ski (40-49) Women Other $80.00
OC1 Over 40 Female Other $80.00
PRONE Open Women 12' and under Other $80.00
PRONE Open Men 12' and under Other $80.00
Over 50 Men Ocean Ski Other $80.00
Open Women Ocean Ski Other $80.00
OC V3 mixed gender Other $140.00
OC1 Open Female Other $80.00
50-59 Womens (14ft) SUP $80.00
50-59 Mens (14ft) SUP $80.00
Over 60 Womens (14ft) SUP $80.00
Over 60 Mens (14ft) SUP $80.00
OC2 Open Gender Other $110.00
Double Ocean Ski Other $110.00
Open Men Ocean Ski Other $80.00
Spec Ski - Open Male Other $80.00
Spec Ski - Open Female Other $80.00
Spec Ski - Under 18 Open Gender Other $80.00
OC1 Open Male Other $80.00
OC1 Over 40 Male Other $80.00
Open Womens (14ft) SUP $80.00
Open Male (14ft) SUP $80.00
Over 40 womens (14ft) SUP $80.00
Over 40 Mens (14ft) SUP $80.00
Open Men Unlimited SUP $80.00
Entries Closed