Noosa Endorsed As The 10th World Surfing Reserve

Noosa and its world famous Point breaks have been voted in by Save the Waves Vision Council as the 10th & latest World Surfing Reserve. It was the second time around that Noosa submitted an application after missing out to Gold Coast in 2015. Only one WSR is selected each year.

However the 2017 selection was probably the toughest to pick with four outstanding candidates such as the Azores Islands in Portugal, Equador, Puerto Rico and Noosa.

Noosa was chosen as the 10th World Surfing Reserve for its beautiful pointbreaks and visionary coastal conservation. There are now 3 World Surfing Reserves in Australia, Manly 2012, Gold Coast 2016 and now Noosa in 2017, all of which have dual WSR/NSR (National Surfing Reserve) status.

"We are incredibly stoked and humbled to be joining this network of amazing surf locations around the world." Said Phil Jarratt, legendary surf journalist and WSR Noosa President. "It is a crowning achievement for Noosa!”

The latest announcement was made at Punta de Lobos, Chile on the 17th November, during the official WSR recognition of Punta de Lobos, a well-known premier big wave lefthand point location in South America.

Save The Waves protects coastal ecosystems around the world in partnership with local communities, utilizing a unique combination of protected areas, economics, and direct action.

 World Surfing Reserves is a program of Save The Waves, proactively identifies, designates and preserves outstanding waves, surf zones and surrounding environments around the world. The program serves as a global model for preserving wave breaks and their surrounding area.

The 10 WSRs in chronicle order are:

  1. Ericeira (Portugal). 2. Malibu (USA), 3. Manly beach/Freshwater (Aus). 4. Santa Cruz (USA), 5.Huanchaco (Peru). 6 Bahia de Santo, Baja (Mexico), 7. Punta de Lobos (Chile) 8. Burleigh to Snapper, Gold Coast (Aus), 9. Guarda Do Embau, (Brazil) and 10. Noosa (Aus).

Words by Andy Mckinnon.