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Homegrain Bakery 2018 Longboard State Titles presented by Air Asia, HIF and We Are Feel Good Inc (Southern Surf Festival)

Sat 28th April 2018 – Sun 29th April 2018
Registration Open
Tue 19th December 2017 9:00AM
entries close 22 Apr 2018

The 2018 Homegrain Bakery Longboard State Titles presented by 'we are feel good inc' will form part of the Southern Surf Festival. The festival is based at Middleton and  is mobile and could be held anywhere from Southport to Goolwa depending on conditions. 


PLEASE NOTE: There is a second division entry page. So enter your first division here then once you have done that you can enter a seond or even third division at a discounted rate. You do this by entering on the second division entry page.


The inaugural Southern Surf Festival is held over the 27, 28th and 29th of April 2018. It is a partnership with the SA surf community, Alexandria Council and Surfing SA. It will include SA state titles in short board, kneeboard, longboard and SUP, a film night, a board display, an SA inter club competition for all board types and and a national 10’ SUP surfing ‘invitational’ that everyone is invited to. There will be a couple of great evening events too. For more information please go to


Note: Divisions are Open Men and Women, Over 40 Men and Women, Over 50 Men and Women, Over 60 Men, Over 70 Men, Open Men and Women Loggers, Over 40 Men and Women Loggers. Where national divisions work in 5 year increments the team will be chosen based on results as follows: If for eg: you compete in the Over 45’s at nationals your seeding will be worked out from your placing in the Over 40’s division against others eligible for the Over 45 division that competed in the same division.


We will run a Junior Loggers Division - this is Under 18


Logger Specifications 


The board length is minimum 9 feet measured from the nose to the tail on the deck of the surfboard 

The width dimensions are to be a total minimum 51 inches in aggregate. This is the total of the widest point, plus the width 12 inches up from the tail and 12 inches back from the nose 

The board will have a single central n that may be permanently fixed or attached via a fin box. There must be no provision for any other fin configuration 

The rails of the surfboard will be 50/50 or 60/40 from nose to tail
The board will have no resin edge from rail to tail
The fin will be at least 8 inches from its mounted base to the highest point 

A provision for attaching a leg rope should be attached / inserted into the surfboard. The use of leg ropes will determined by the conditions and at the Contest Director’s discretion 

The board will weigh a minimum of six (6) kilograms 


Must be a Surfing SA Member

Division Price
Open Men Longboard $65.50
Over 60 Women Longboard $65.50
Junior Logger Longboard $65.50
Over 40 Women's Logger Longboard $65.50
Open Women's Logger Longboard $65.50
Over 50 Women's Logger Longboard $65.50
040 Men's Logger Longboard $65.50
Open Men Logger Longboard $65.50
Over 70 Men Longboard $65.50
Over 60 Men Longboard $65.50
Over 50 Women Longboard $65.50
Over 50 Men Longboard $65.50
Over 40 Women Longboard $65.50
Over 40 Men Longboard $65.50
Open Women Longboard $65.50
Entries Closed