Fleurieu Peninsula SA

Second Division Entry Homegrain Longboard State Titles 2018

Sat 28th April 2018
Registration Open
Wed 21st March 2018 9:00AM
entries close 22 Apr 2018

Please enter here should you wish to do a second division in the Longboard State TItles. Please note that you MUST already have entered the event through the main page and that is only for those wanting to do more than one division.

Division Price
Open Men Longboard $36.00
Junior Women U18 Longboard $36.00
Junior Men U18 Longboard $36.00
Loggers - Juniors U/18 Mixed Longboard $36.00
Over 40 Women's Logger Longboard $36.00
Over 40 Logger Longboard $36.00
Open Women's Logger Longboard $36.00
Open Men's Logger Longboard $36.00
Over 60 Men Longboard $36.00
Over 50 Women Longboard $36.00
Over 50 Men Longboard $36.00
Over 40 Women Longboard $0.00
Over 40 Men Longboard $36.00
Open Women Longboard $36.00
Entries Closed