2018 Southern Surf Festival goes off with a bang

All the stars aligned for the inaugural Southern Surf Festival with awesome weather and fun waves over the 3 day event period. Beaches were packed with thousands of people taking advantage of the great weather and activities on offer for everyone. 


Surfing SA, the Community and the Alexandrina Council partnered up to put on what was arguably the biggest festival of surfing ever seen in South Australia. The event which included markets, movie nights, live music, board swop meets, digital art projections, a twin fin contest, a single fin contest, interclub contest and state titles was a huge success. “It was great to see the community get behind the event, were are stoked with the outcome and can’t wait to start preparing for the next one” said Craig Potgieter CEO of Surfing South Australia, “we could not have done this without the support of our sponsors and we are truly grateful for all their support. Now we start preparing for the Australian Junior Nationals and School Surfing Titles which we will host for the first time in ages from the 1st till the 8th of December.”


Sponsors included: Alexandrina Council, Homegrain Bakery, Vortex Surf Co, Specsavers Victor Harbour, Bombora Medewi Wave Lodge, Middleton Tavern, South Coast Realty, Firewire, Toy World Victor Harbor, Southern Ocean Consulting, Middleton Caravan Park, The Olive Leaf Cafe, Prime Traffic Solutions, Pipi Middleton, Big Surf, Swell Beer, Southern Surf, A1 Hire, Fleurieu Cranes, Cheer Wetsuits, MK 2 Consulting, Mitre 10 Southcoast, Wildflower, Wirra Wirra Wines, Victor Harbour Plumbing and Gas, Air Asia, Woolworths, Adrenaline, Mr Damage and Merlea Investments.







The Junior Shortboards were run on Friday with the Longboard at Middleton and the Shortboard Masters at Parsons on Saturday. On Sunday the Twin Fin, Single Fin and Interclub events were run off the point at Middleton wrapping up an enormous celebration of surfing in South Australia. 




Interclub Winners: 


South Coast Boardriders




Open Women:

1. Grace Knight (Yorkes

2. Imogen Elliot (Seaford)

3. Kira Lynch (Victor Harbor)

4. Aurora Furbank (Yorkes)


Open Men:

1. Alex Rix (Victor Harbor)

2. Joel van der Stelt (Victor Harbor)

3. Brae Adams (Middleton)

4. Harry Green (Seaford)


Over 40 Women:

1. Cheryl Peat (Christies)

2. Louise Kelly (Middleton)

3. Erika Oemcke (Port Noarlunga South)

4. Vicki Centofanti (Middleton)



Over 40 Men:

1. Gary Haworth (Seaford)

2. Grant Stocker (Goolwa)

3. Scott Stevenson (West Beach)

4. Tom Vincent (Middleton)



Over 50 Men:

1. Roger Mathews (Christies)

2. Scott Stevenson (West Beach)

3. Steve Reynolds (Middleton)

4. Simon Coote (Victor Harbor)


Over 60 Men:

1. James Bryant (Middleton)

2. Ray Palmer (Port Noarlunga South)




  1. Paul Francis (Port Noarlunga)
  2. Patrick Langlands (Old Noarlunga)
  3. Darrel Treasure (Modbury)
  4. Simon Coote (Victor Harbor)




Open Women:


  1. Catherine Seal Yates (Middleton)
  2. Erika Oemcke (Port Noarlunga South)
  3. Ella Harry (Port Noarlunga South)
  4. Ellan Watson (Port Noarlunga South)





Open Men:

  1. Robin Ponzoni (Seaford)
  2. Jason Russell (Port Noarlunga South)
  3. Tom Bowen (Seaford)
  4. David Hodgkinson (Middleton)



Over 40 Women:

  1. Erika Oemcke (Port Noarlunga South)
  2. Catherine Griffen (Middleton)
  3. Vicki Centofanti (Middleton)
  4. Anna Markety (Middleton)


Over 40 Men:

1.Craig Potgieter (Seaford)

2. Darren Oemcke (Port Noarlunga South)

3. Nick Duke (Goolwa)

4. John Paul  Taylor (Seaford)


Over 50 Men:

  1. Jason Russel (Port Noarlunga South)
  2. Wayne Gurney (Marion Bay)
  3. Sam Avaramidas (Seaford)
  4. Alex Watson (Port Noarlunga South)


Over 60 Women:

  1. Robyn Brown (Middleton)
  2. Sue Bennet (Seaford)
  3. Anna Markey (Goolwa)


Over 60 Men:

  1. Mike Padovani(North Brighton)
  2. Peter Barley (Willunga)
  3. Sam Avaramidas (Seaford)
  4. John Amos (Middleton)




Over 70 Men:

  1. Peter Cox (Middleton)
  2. Graham Stanford 


Junior Girls Longboard:

  1. Grace Knight (Yorkes)


Junior Boys Longboard:

  1. Chaska Glockner-Karo (Aldinga)


Open Men Logger:

  1. Tom Bowen (Seaford)
  2. Adam Barley (Seaford)
  3. Brendon Spencer (Middleton)
  4. Zac Drury (West Beach)


Open Women Logger:

  1. Catherine Seal Yates (Middleton)
  2. Erika Oemcke (Port Noarlunga South)
  3. Tiffany Mclauchlin (Middleton)
  4. Libby Tozer (Middleton)



Over 40 Logger:

  1. Brendon Spencer (Middleton)
  2. Mike Padovani (North Brighton)
  3. John Amos (Middleton)
  4. Darren Oemcke (Port Noarlunga South)



Single Fin:

  1. Gary Haworth (Moana)
  2. Zac Drury (West Beach)
  3. Bailey Lodge 
  4. Robby Munoz (Middleton)



Twin Fin:


  1. Josh Lindsay (Port Noarlunga South)
  2. Khai Adams (Middleton)
  3. Michael Newport (Moana)
  4. Stephen Manners (Brighton)