Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens SUP Surf State Titles 2017

Middleton, SA (Saturday 27 May 2016): The Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens SUP Surf State Titles presented by HIF was held at  Middleton Point today.

The event saw 6 champions crowned in fun 2 foot surf with strong northerly winds providing a bit of a challenge.


Taking out the Open Mens division was Tony Dalton who was on point all day. He was closely followed by Mark Temple. Placing third was Trafford Harris leaving Travis Murphy in 4th place.


The  Open Womens division was won by Midcoast local Erika Oemcke who also took out the Over 40 Womens division. In second place was Brigitte Conlon followed by Kym Symonds in third.


Other division winners in the SUP Surfing were Over 40 Mens Trafford Harris, Over 40 Womens Erika Oemcke and Mark Temple Over 50 Men and the 10ft Open SUP.


A big thank you to our sponsors Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens and HIF for a fantastic event. 



Final Results:


Open Men: 1st Tony Dalton, 2nd Mark Temple , 3rd Trafford Harris, 4th Travis Murphy

Open Women: 1st Erika Oemcke, 2nd Brigitte Conlon , 3rd Kym Symonds

Over 40 Men: 1st Trafford Harris, 2nd Scott McCluskey , 3rd Tony Dalton , 4th Chris Chapman

Over 40 Women: Erika Oemcke, 2nd Bridgitte Conlon, 3rd Kym Symonds

Over 50 Men: 1st Mark Temple, 2nd Robert Millington, 3rd John Gerlach, 4th Andy Davaron

10 Ft Open: 1st Mark Temple, 2nd Darren Oemcke, 3rd Rylie Kay, 4th Emmett Korzack