Junior State Title Final Results 2017

Junior State Title Results 2017



State Title Winners


Under 18 Boys - Khi William’s

Under 18 Girls - Dimity Payne

Under 16 Boys - Harrison Green

Under 16 Girls - Dimity Payne

Under 14 Boy’s - Ed Tooze

Under 14 Girls - Imogen Elliot


Top 4 Placing’s


Under 18 Boy’s


Khi Williams

Harrison Green

Ruka Taite

Max Tooze


Under 18 Girl’s


Dimity Payne

Yasmin Hardy

Aurora Furbank

Grace Knight


Under 16 Boy’s


Harrison Green

Digby Tooze

Mallie Brauer

Ruka Taite


Under 16 Girl’s


Dimity Payne

Grace Knight 

Aurora Furbank

Imogen Elliot


Under 14 Boy’s


Ed Tooze

Zane Stevenson

Corey Taylor

Tai Taite


Under 14 Girl’s


Imogen Elliot

Poppy Sweetman

Indiana Freeth

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