Marrawah TAS

2018 RIP CURL WEST COAST CLASSIC Presented by HIF - all Divisions. Incorporating the 2018 Woolworths TAS State Junior Surfing Championships

Sat 10th March 2018 – Mon 12th March 2018
Registration Open
Mon 26th February 2018 9:00AM
entries close 07 Mar 2018



Double Chance Format for Opens but others knockout format unless otherwise notified by Event Director.

ENTRIES: First Choice Open/U21 $55, U12/14/16/18 $35, Second Choice/All Division $15

The annual RIP CURL HIF West Coast Classic is the most popular and prestigious event held in the state having been held continuously since the mid 1970's, The competition is based the the small coastal farming town of Marrawah on the far North West coast of Tasmania. Marrawah is around a 6 hour drive North West from Hobart and several hours from nw towns.

The 2018 event is again sponsored by legendary Australian surf company Rip Curl, Rapid Media, Ocean n Earth, Dragon, Reef, Marrawah Kelp, Marrawah Hotel, Flowerdale Nursery and a host of smaller local sponsors, SEE ABOVE. Glenn Saltmarsh is again Contest Director for Surfing Tasmania.Head Judge is Michael Schmidt and are supported by a group of qualified judges.Mick van der Woude is Beach Marshall and NWBR are providing the event work crew. Volunteers judges will be mentored by qualified judges during this event.

The coast line around the Marrawah area is the most exposed coast line in Tasmania. Expect windy conditions with bigger more powerful surf. There are a number of surf spots in the area to accommodate all conditions. Light House beach, Greens Beach and Nettley Bay are the most common event sites. Both are beach breaks producing both left and right handers depending on sand.

The West Coast Classic is conducted under a Permit from Tasmania's Parks and Wildlife Service. Competitors, frinds, family and visitors are required to obey all signs and instructions from event and Parks officials. The event is held in high environmental and heritage value locations and it is expected we will leave only footprints in our wake at days end. Vehicles must stay on approved access tracks. No fires are permited.  NO DOGS ARE PERMITTED in the event areas under our Permit. 


All contestants must be current financial Surfing Tasmania members and have completed an Event Entry at the Surfing Tasmania website:
Go to the Events link, hit on the required West Coast Classic division link and follow the instructions. Memberships are completed through the Membership link. STAS membership and event entry are all completed on this website.The Open Division is a double chance format ensuring all surfers get two surfs. All others will be knockout format unless indicated by the Event Director at the Competitors Briefing. This is due to the increased difficulty with swells, weather etc on the exposed west coast. Competitors can enter a MAXIMUM 2 DIVISIONS. Conducting this event with all divisions it is not possible to fit double chance format for all divisions into the weekend, allow time for Presentations and travel.
This is a round of the 2018 HIF State Championships and competitors will be competing for ratings points for state team selections and championship honours. All competitors, members, officials etc are subject to Surfing Australia's Code of Conduct as per the Surfing Australia Rule Book and Surfing Tasmania policies which are on our website. 
All underaged competitors MUST be under the event age as at Dec. 31, 2018. Please note that Surfing Tasmania and the Event Director may reduce these divisions to knock out format if unfavourable conditions do not allow sufficient time.

COMPETITORS MUST ENTER THEIR FIRST CHOICE DIVISION FIRST- OPEN/U21 $55 - U14/16/18 $35. If you want to enter another/second choice it will coast $15.

PLEASE NOTE the change to new age divisions which is inline with Surfing Australia. Previously O/30, O/35, O/40, O/45 etc to O/30, O/40, O/50, O/60.


Division Price
Over 30 Mens Second Choice Shortboard $15.00
U/18 BOYS - SECOND CHOICE Shortboard $15.00
U18 GIRLS Second Choice Shortboard $15.00
Over 50 Mens Second Choice Shortboard $0.00
Over 40 Mens Second Choice Shortboard $15.00
U/21 GIRLS - SECOND CHOICE. Shortboard $15.00
U/21 BOYS - SECOND CHOICE Shortboard $15.00
U/18 GIRLS - SECOND CHOICE Shortboard $15.00
U/18 BOYS - SECOND CHOICE Shortboard $15.00
U/16 GIRLS - SECOND CHOICE Shortboard $15.00
U/16 BOYS - SECOND CHOICE Shortboard $15.00
Over 60 Men Shortboard $55.00
Over 50 Men Shortboard $55.00
Over 40 Men Shortboard $55.00
Over 30 Men Shortboard $55.00
Over 35 Women Shortboard $55.00
Open Women Shortboard $55.00
Open Men Shortboard $55.00
U/21 GIRLS Shortboard $55.00
U/21 BOYS Shortboard $55.00
U/18 GIRLS Shortboard $35.00
U/18 BOYS Shortboard $35.00
U/16 GIRLS Shortboard $35.00
U/16 BOYS Shortboard $35.00
U14 Grommet Girls Shortboard $35.00
U14 Grommet Boys Shortboard $35.00
U12 Micro-Groms Shortboard $35.00
Entries Closed