Bicheno TAS


Sat 24th November 2018 – Sun 25th November 2018
Registration Open
Mon 15th October 2018 9:00AM
entries close 22 Nov 2018

SUPs and Longboards together; surfing and racing SUPs and longboard surfing. Round 1 of the 2019 State Championships.A great way to kick off summer at Bicheno. Bicheno is also well known for a good social time as well. Details TBA.

Many thanks to Bicheno Surf/Penguin Tours and great sponsors: tba


All competitors must be current financial members of Surfing Tasmania and have paid the required event entry fees. Membership applications, event entry and payments can all be made online at Surfing Tasmania's website:

Just go to the EVENTS and MEMBERSHIP links on the homepage. Competitors can enter SUP and longboard divisions. You MUST enter a FIRST CHOICE Div. ($40) before any others ($15).  Junior/Open competitors must be under the specified age as at Dec 31, 2018. Over 40/50 entrants must be of age as January 1st 2018.

All divisions require three/3 entries to be viable or they will be combined with others but individual prizes are still given.


Competitors will be asked to assist with judging in a mentored way so you gain an understanding of the scoring system and how judges assess and score rides.

This is a Round 1 of the 2018/19  State Championships Series and competitors will be competing for ratings points for state team selections and championship honours. All competitors, members, officials etc are subject to Surfing Australia's Code of Conduct as per the Surfing Australia Rule Book and Surfing Tasmania policies. 

Division Price
OPEN MENS - SECOND CHOICE Longboard $15.00
Open Men - SUP Surfing SUP $40.00
SUP Technical SECOND CHOICE SUP $15.00
SUP Surfing - Open Men (SECOND ENTRY) SUP $15.00
SUP Surfing O/70 SUP $40.00
Over 50 Open - SUP Surfing SUP $40.00
Over 40 Men - SUP Surfing SUP $40.00
Open Women SUP Surf SUP $40.00
Open Women Longboard Longboard $40.00
Under 18 Longboard Longboard $40.00
Open Men Longboard Longboard $40.00
SUP Open Women 10' plus SUP $15.00
OPEN MENS - SECOND CHOICE Longboard $15.00
SUP Surfing 10'ft SUP $15.00
Entries Closed