Clifton Beach,Park Beach, West Beach Burnie. TAS


Sat 16th March 2019 – Sat 23rd March 2019
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Sat 2nd March 2019 9:00AM
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Surfers Rescue 24/7 is a free Accredited CPR and board rescue course developed by Surfing NSW. It is now being rolled out around Australia after being widely recognised as the best water safety initiative in the past decade. Surfing Tasmania will be launching this program around Tasmania next summer but this is a chance to get in early as part of a test run statewide.It is FREE !

Surfers are on the beach from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year. A lot of them are responsible for hundreds of thousands of unsung rescues.In conjunction with pro-surfers who are currently working as lifeguards, Surfing NSW have identified board rescue techniques that may prove to be crucial in times of need. Key aspects of the three hour session are: 1. Introduction/discussion re water/surf safety, 2. Dry run throughs on the beach, 3. Water/surf session to try the specific techniques. 4. Getting a patient onto shore/beach, 5. Patient Assessment DRSABCD.

Cost: Free


What to bring

- Wetsuit - participants will be asked to participate in mock rescues in surf
- Surfboard - using your own board is beneficial

How to ENTER - Go to this link at Surfing Tasmania's website

Clifton Beach Sat. March 16th 10am - South Coast Surf School.;Pat'

Park Beach Sat. March 16th 10am - Blue Lagoon SUP and Surf School.'Andrew'

West Beach Burnie Sat. Mar. 23. - 10am Sealyons Surf School. 'James'

Enquiries: Surfing Tasmania 0429891102


Nothing required accept surf gear/wetsuit and board. Some soft boards available Participants need to be with parent if under 16.

Division Price
Coaching Session West Beach, Burnie Shortboard $0.00
Coaching Session-Clifton Beach Shortboard $0.00
Coaching Session-Park Beach Shortboard $0.00
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