State Membership

Our Purpose:

To create a healthier and happier Tasmania through experiencing the joy of surfing for life.

Our Core Values:

  • LEADERSHIP: Be proactive, be clear in direction and create a culture of lead by example

  • PIONEERING: Be courageous and inspirational in embracing change and breaking new waters

  • INTEGRITY: Earn the respect of others through listening and being both trustworthy & appreciative

Become a member of Surfing Tasmania today! Short boarders, long boarders, body boarders, SUPs.

Membership Benefits:

  • Personal accident insurance.
  • Eligibility to compete in regional, state and national titles.
  • Judging, Coaching and Professional Development programs.
  • Regular Enewsletters.

You MUST first be a financial member to compete in events.

Online entries and payments make it easy!

Surfing Tasmania Policies

Surfing Tasmania operates under the policies and codes of Surfing Australia.

Code of Conduct, Disability Policy, Membership Protection Policy, Personal Accident Insurance Policy, Privacy Policy, Anti Doping Policy and Illicit Drugs in Sport Policy, Inclusion Policy.

All policies were reviewed January 2016.


  1. STAS MEMBERSHIP All competitors MUST be current STAS financial members, life members included, and the required event entry fees paid up to be eligible to enter the water for an event. This is necessary for safety and insurance reasons. All competitors must be permanent Tasmanian residents with at least 3 months residency.Proof of work, study and accomodation requiried.
  2. CODE of CONDUCT. All STAS members are subject to Surfing Australia's Code of Conduct as per the SAUS Rulebook 2014 Edition and member policies on the SAUS website The Contest Director, STAS President and Executive Officer, (ANY 2), STAS are responsible for managing and resolving issues. All STAS members are subject to the penalties prescribed.
  3. THE CONTEST DIRECTOR. They must be a current financial member and is permitted to surf in the event if the required forms and payments are completed.
  4. The CONTEST HEAD JUDGE. They must be a current financial member but is not permitted to surf in the event they are managing.
  5. EVENT ENTRIES. All competitors MUST complete their Event Entry, STAS Membership and pay required fees by 12 midnight on the Wednesday prior to the specified event. This allows the Contest Director and STAS officials to check seedings and complete the heat draws early on the Thursday. Heats are then be posted on STAS Facebook and website well prior to the event, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED! PLEASE NOTE: No late entries will be accepted! Competitors are strongly advised to avoid disappointment by entering well prior to entry closure day. If you have an entry issue please contact the Contest Director of Executive Officer prior to entry closure!!
  6. NUMBER OF DIVISIONS: All competitors may only enter a maximum of 2 shortboard divisions. This is to allow the Contest Director enough flexibility to run the entire event in a weekend in the best possible waves for all competitors.
  7. SECOND CHANCE DRAW. STAS always will endeavour to offer all surfers in an event the second chance draw format where everyone gets to surf at least twice. In certain conditions STAS and/or the Contest Director has the right to amend that offer to enable the event to be completed in a weekend.
  8. WILD CARDS. STAS through our Contest Director has the authority to offer up to 2 ‘WILDCARD ENTRIES' only if there is space in the heat draws. A heat cannot be expanded beyond it's original draw. The intent of this is to allow the Contest Director the flexibility to accept an entry from a local surfer or any other situation such as entering another division at his discretion. That surfer MUST be a STAS member, permanent Tasmanian resident of at least 6 months residency and pay the required entry fees prior to entering the water.
  9. REFUNDS. STAS does not issue refunds for event entries.

Shayne Clark Surfing Tasmania December 2016

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Membership price

  • Standard/Competition: $55.00
  • Supporter Package/First Break: $95.00
  • Supporter Package/Second Break: $195.00
  • Supporter Package/Big Set: $495.00