Marrawah puts on a classic for Woolworths TAS State Junior Surf Titles Rd 3.

Woolworths TAS State Junior Surfing Titles Rd 3 Results/pics.
The Marrawah HIF Rip Curl West Coast Classic event lived up to its reputation of wild weather and big surf on the March long weekend but organisers took advantage by scheduling the Woolworths TAS State Junior Surf Titles Rd 3. on the amazing Saturday that featured Gold Coast type summer beach conditions with the left and right banks providing 1 to 1.5 metre waves, ideal for the junior this section of the HIF RC WCC. 
U18 BOYS 1st Keenan Willcox 2nd. Robbie Green 3rd. Liam Viney 4th. Flynn Rossborough.
18 GIRLS 1st.Luca Brodribb 2nd. Bella Goward 3rd. Stella Gibson 4th. Sophie Adamas 5th. Melaleuca Sansom Gatrell.
U16 BOYS 1st. Dylan Haberle 2nd. Toby Lawrence 3rd. Noah Hassett. 4th Luca Booth
U16 GIRLS 1st. Leyla Sharman 2nd. Nellie Strickland 3rd. Ava Frey.
14 BOYS 1st. Noah Hassett 2nd. Toby Lawrence 3rd. George van der kalen 4th. Joe Pugh.
U14 GIRLS 1st. Nellie Strickland 2nd. Leyla Sharman 3rd. Ava Frey.
U12 BOYS 1st. Duke Armstrong 2nd. Charlie Gibson 3rd Huon Prior.
pics: George van der Kalen, Leyla Sharman and Jo Pugh. courtesy Paul Campbell.