WOOLWORTHS SURFER GROMS presented /WAHU EVENT-Clifton Beach Sat. Feb. 24

What a terrific day for Tassie U8 – 14 surf groms  on Saturday under a grey rainy onshore weather blanket that produced some quite contestable performance L/R waves on a bank at middle Clifton.

The 30 Tassie kids faced a great crew of about 10 interstate surfers from  NSW and Victoria who travelled south with their families to chase some treasure. Some of these surfers demonstrated a high level of skills in the shifty little peaks showing Tassie’s groms just what is possible on small waves with quality high performance surfing. The U14 Boys final was a feature event where Ocean Grove’s Charlie Mahoney caught 10 waves, three of which judges scored in the 6 to 8 range. His wave selection, powerful, flowing, fast surfing was dominant as he demonstrated how to milk 3 to 4 quality manoeuvres per wave.

The unique atmosphere of the popular WAHU event series was evident from the start with Surfing Tasmania members Stella Gibson and Sophie Bowden leading the fun on the beach with WAHU games, cricket, rugby and other games.

Many thanks to event sponsors; the fresh fruit people, Woolworths and WAHU for prizes, trophies, games, prizes and fresh fruit. Again SABR and Surfing Tasmania members pulled together to setup/packup/presentations and run this successful event in trying conditions. Thanks to Head Judge Karl Gol (level 3), judges Rudy Davis, Elliot Goward and Felix Goward.


U8/10 GIRLS/BOYS (parent assist). Poppy Woodberry. 2. Asha Armstrong.

U10 BOYS.1. Duke Armstrong. 2. Charlie Gibson. 3. Tully Woodberry. 4. Sam de Salis. 5. Cowen Duncan.

U12 BOYS. 1.Jack MacDonald. 2. Jerry Kelly. 3. Felix Stockwin.

U12 GIRLS. 1.Ruby Stokely. 2. Ava Frey. 3. Leyla Sharman.4. Bernie Nordstrom. 5. Lucy Millhouse.

U14 GIRLS. 1. Lily Mereszka. 2. Ava Frey. 3. Leyla Sharman.

U14 BOYS. 1. Charlie Mahoney. 2. Jack Ragan. 3. Jack MacDonald. 4. Gus Lockley.5. Noah Hassett. 6. George van de Kalen/Toby Lawrence. 7. Jo Pugh.


Fresh Wave $500 Awards: (sportsmanship, potential and participation) Leyla Sharman, Jerry Kelly.

Woolworths HPC Camp $1500 Winners: Lily Mereszka and Gus Lockley.


Shayne Clark

Surfing Tasmania