Tasmanian Surf Regions

Tasmania has a range of surf regions around the coastline, some more easily accessible than others. Our triangular shaped island which lays in the path of the Roaring Forties offers many options for a good surf but all dependant upon the swell, wind and tidal conditions.


In the far north west around Marrawah and south over the Arthur River on the West Coast many great surf breaks are available but all exposed to Southern Ocean swells and weather systems.

Surfing Tasmania conducts Tasmania's largest event, The West Coast Classic,each year at Marrawah.International professional events have drawn surfers and windsurfers  from around the world.


The North West Coast refers to the coastline at the 'top of the island' from the far north east at Cape Portland west to Smithton and on to Cape Grim.This coastline is subject to the big tidal effects of Bass Strait but features many great surf setups with reefs, rivermouths, beache breaks etc. However the swells are predominantly wind driven from the west/north west and can be very seasonal with long flat spells. East Coast ground swells from Tasman Sea lows can create excellent surf. A strong local North West Boardrider Club conducts a range of events during the year.


This area is Tasmania's 'surf coast' and features innumerable beach breaks from Eddystone Point south to Freycinet Peninsula.Townships like Bicheno and Scamander are traditional coastal surf towns and popular with surfers seeking warmer conditions over our colder months.The North East Boarder Club is based at Scamander and Surfing Tasmania conducts some key events in the area each Autumn.


This area contains some great surf setups for the keen surfer. From Swansea to Orford many great waves are available when East Coast swells fire up. From river mouths, point breaks and beaches, it has it all for those tuned to the weather and swell directions.


This is Tasmania's most heavily surfed area but also features the most surf options. From Tasman Peninsula to Bruny Island and south to Cockle Creek and the South Coast. 'Seek and you shall find' is a good motto here. With a complex coastline it can be challenging but rewarding to those prepared to travel. Park Beach and Clifton Beach are traditional surf areas for regulars and strong Boardrider clubs are active at each beach.Surfing Tasmania conducts events over Summer and Autumn in these popular areas.