Pt Impossible Beach VIC

2019 Victorian Longboard Titles Round 2

Sat 18th May 2019 – Sun 19th May 2019
Registration Open
Fri 7th December 2018 9:00AM
entries close 13 May 2019

This is the second event of the Victorian Longboard Titles to be held on the Surf Coast (Primary Location: Pt Impossible).

The Victorian Longboard Titles is the exclusive qualification pathway for the State's elite longboard competitors for selection into the Victorian Longboard Team, set to compete at the Australian Longboard Titles later in the year.

Overall series winners will be based on competitors' best two-of-two results. 

Round 1 - Phillip Island

Round 2 - Point Impossible (Prime Event)

Note: Pt Impossible event is a Prime Event and surfers will recieve 10% extra points. This has been implimented to reduce the chance of ties in State Title situations under consultation with Longboarding Clubs.

Aus Surf Festival: The selection for the team will be done based off placing in the state rankings and by age.
Surfer 1 (Age 46) places 1st in the Over 40 Division
Surfer 2 (Age 41) placed 2nd in the Over 40 Division
Surfer 1 will be selected in the team for the Over 45 Division
Surfer 2 will be selected in the team for the Over 40 Division


Must be a current Surfing Victoria Member and Victorian Resident.

* Unders - as at 31/12/2019 &
* Overs - as at 01/01/2019

2019 Rule Book - Link 

Please Note: These divsions do not lead to the National Title, Logger Over 40 Women and Over 50 Women 

Division Price
Under 18 Boys Longboard $55.00
Logger - Under 18 Girls Longboard $55.00
Logger - Over 40 Womens Longboard $55.00
Logger - Open Women Longboard $55.00
Over 50 Women Longboard $55.00
Loggers - Over 40 Men Longboard $55.00
Loggers - Open Men Longboard $55.00
Loggers - Junior - U/18 Longboard $55.00
Over 70 Men Longboard $55.00
Over 60 Men Longboard $55.00
Over 50 Men Longboard $55.00
Over 40 Women Longboard $55.00
Over 40 Men Longboard $55.00
Under 18 Girls Longboard $55.00
Open Women Longboard $55.00
Open Men Longboard $55.00

This event requires a current state membership.