Surfing for Girls program kicks off at Inverloch

Inverloch, VIC/AUS (Sunday 26th November 2017): 13 girls braved the wet weather at Inverloch main beach on the first stop of the 2017 Surfing For Girls Tour and were rewarded with perfect 1-2 foot glassy waves.
The 7 locations of the program covers the state of Victoria and teaches the girls some valuable water safety skills and surfing technique in the lead up to summer.
The program uses positive female role models and professional surf coaches to pass on skills and knowledge to the next generation of female surfers.
Lead coach Ruby Campbell was impressed with the response on the day.

“It’s amazing to see so many girls having a go at surfing” said Campbell
“I always look forward to traveling around the state for the program to see the next generation of female surfers”  

For only $25 participants receive a surf lesson, learn how to perform a rescue and walk away with a show bag.
Participants can register for any sessions online at
2017 Surfing for Girls:
Inverloch                                 Nov 26th
Mallacoota                              Nov 28th
Cape Conran                          Nov 29th
Sandy Point                            Nov 30th
Ocean Grove                          Dec 2nd
The 2017 Surfing for Girls Program is presented by Surfing Victoria and supported by VicHealth, HIF Australia and Cancer Council Sunscreen.