Attention Members,

Notice of intention to propose a Special Resolution to approve alterations to SWA's constitution

Please be advised that the CEO of SWA has received a notice of intention to pass the following Special Resolution which will be included on the agenda at the annual General Meeting on 24 November 2018:

To consider and, if appropriate, pass the following as a Special Resolution:

“That the constitution of Surfing Western Australia Incorporated be altered in the form tabled at the General Meeting scheduled for 24 November 2018 and initialled by the Chairperson of the General Meeting for identification, with effect from the close of the General Meeting.”

Linked below for your consideration is a copy of:

‚Äč(Please contact info@surfingwa.com.au to be sent a 'marked up' version of the constituional changes.)

The reason for the proposed alterations arises from recent changes to SWA's governing legislation - the Incorporated Associations Act 2015 (WA) (new Act). One of the consequences of this new Act is that SWA, like other incorporated associations, needs to review and update its constitution to ensure compliance with the new Act. It turns out that SWA's existing constitution is already in good shape and that SWA is strictly only required to make certain limited alterations to ensure compliance with the new Act.

Having said that, SWA is committed to continually improving performance and considers that it would be opportune to make some further alterations (beyond those strictly required by the new Act) to improve the operation of the constitution going forward. Broadly speaking, these proposed further alterations are aimed at:

  • Improving functionality (eg proxy voting) and performance (eg maximum terms for Independent Directors).

  • Making the constitution more consistent with the practical reality of SWA's present operations.

  • Modernising and conforming the terminology used (eg using gender neutral language).

  • Removing redundant terms and provisions and correcting mistakes (eg names).

If you have any specific questions regarding the proposed alterations, please feel free to send your questions to info@surfingwa.com.au.
Questions can also be raised at the annual general meeting.

2018 Board Nominations 

Surfing WA have recieved the following Interested Director nominations:

Stand Up Paddleboard - Chris Twomy

Longboard Representative - Steve Becker

Club Representative - Jarrah Calder


Please Click Here to obtain a copy of the 2018 Annual General Meeting agenda


We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming annual General Meeting.

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