The first ever Catch Surf Summer Slam wrapped up today in small wind swept conditions at Trigg Point.

The first official softboard event to be held in Western Australia was a resounding success, with just over 50 competitiors slipping, sliding and spinning their way through an action packed day of fun in the sun.

The newest event on the Surfing WA calendar saw competitors part ways with their fibreglass surfboards and replace them with softboards from the amazing range of fun and highly rippable Catch Surf softboards.

This new specialty event broke away from surfing traditional formats and was judged on equal parts shredding and fun.

The emaphasis on fun and inclusion attracted a wide range of competitors, with ages ranging from 7 through to 55 years of age.

"We wanted to offer something completey different to the competitve, result driven events that we run," said Surfing WA Events Manager Justin Majeks. "The Catch Surf Summer Slam brought together everything that makes hanging at the beach over summer so enjoyable."

Competitors took to the water in three seperate divisions including; the Catch Surf Mystery Wheel, Beater Only and the 12 & Under Groms.

The Mystery Wheel saw surfers spin a wheel to decide what board they would ride during their heats. With six different boards avaliable to ride, competitors had to modify their performances depending what board they landed on.

Trigg Point local Fletcher Llanwarne was on fire all day, claiming an impressive double victory in the Mystery Wheel and Beater divisions. Using his local knowledge, Llanwarne sliced and diced his way through the afternoon sea breeze whilst frothing out at every opportunity.

On rail surfing combined with silly claims, crazy dismounts and constant stoke, set Llanwarne apart from his rivials and was estatic at the presentations.

"This has been one of the best and most fun events I've ever been a part of," said Llanwarne. "It's such a change to compete in an event which rewards you for having fun and expressing yourself."

Lawson Thomas (Willagee) was the king of the kids, after taking out the 12 & Under Groms divison. Thomas found the best waves during the final and used a 5'0 Stump to obliterate each and every section that came his way.

"This the most fun I've ever had at a surf comp," said Thomas. "I'm stoked to walk away with my own Catch Surf board now too."

Throughout the day competitors could also demo the full range of Catch Surf products, with an overhwelming response to the range and performance level of the boards.

Surfing WA is motivated to develop this concept further, with heaps of ideas already flowing with regards to divisions, judging critera and possible event locations.

"Clearly there is a demand for these sort of events which encourage participation and fun, said Surfing WA Events Manager Justin Majeks. "I'd like to thank Paul Paterson and Catch Surf for their supprot of our concept and for making the Summer Slam a reality."

Catch Surf Summer Slam Results

Mystery Wheel Division:

1. Fletcher Llanwarne (Duncriag, WA)

2. Lachie Taylor (Karrinyup, WA)

3. Luke Martin (North Beach, WA)

4. Anthony Spencer (Trigg, WA)

5. Luke Campbell (Margaret River, WA)

6. Gary Thompson (Scarborough, WA)

Beater Division:

1. Fletcher Llanwarne (Duncriag, WA)

2. Anthony Spencer (Trigg, WA)

3. Giam Nation (Trigg, WA)

4. Kirby Jackson (City Beach, WA)

5. Riley Reeves (Craigie, WA)

6. Nick Blay (Scarborough, WA)

12 & Under Groms:

1. Lawson Thomas (Willagee, WA)

2. Maverick Wilson (Mandurah, WA)

3. Joel Bladwin (City Beach, WA)

4. Stacey Collins (Scarborough, WA)

5. Ashton Grime (Secret Harbour, WA)

6. Luke Buchanan (Bull Creek, WA)

About Catch Surf:

For the last 10 years, Catch Surf has pioneered and led the soft surfboard movement with its fun-focused and stylish line of high-performance surfboards. Catch Surf has attracted the world's top pros and surf personalities to it's team; which continues to push the company's ethos to the max; by surfing massive waves, doing huge airs and simply having more fun than anyone else. More info at