Western Australia's newest surfing stars put on a show south of Geraldton over the weekend, with five State Champions crowned at the third and final event of the WA Junior Surfing Titles presented by SunSmart.
Surfers from all corners of the state made the most of sensational winter conditions at Flat Rocks, with 3-4 feet (2 metre) surf pounding the shallow reef and providing a challenge for male and female competitors aged between 8 and 17 years of age.

The Batavia coastline played host to 80 competitors who battled to qualify for the 2017 Australian Junior Surfing Titles in Culburra Beach, NSW.
As humpback whales frolicked under sunny skies, surfers put on an impressive display that saw massive scores drop and standout performances across all divisions.

Margaret River’s Jack Haslau captured his maiden State Championship in the blue ribbon Under-18 Junior Boys division, adding his name to the honour roll of past winners that includes; Jacob Willcox, Creed McTaggart, and Jack Robinson.

Using the powerful waves to his advantage, Haslau put on a one-man demolition derby in a high scoring and entertaining Under-18’s final.
Using his razor sharp backhand attack, Haslau dropped two excellent scores to amass a combined total of 17.37 (from a possible 20), to claim his second victory of the series after also winning at Trigg Beach last month.

Haslau was constantly challenged for the win by Ben Gradisen (Gracetown), Josh Cattlin (Yallingup) and Jolan Bonelli (Margaret River), who all surfed amazingly.
“I’m so stoked to come away with the win and the State Title,” said Haslau. “I didn’t really expect it but I’m stoked to be standing here. I loved competing at the Aussie Titles and I can’t wait to get back there in 2017.”

Carnarvon’s Coral Durant won the Under-18 Junior Girls final, using her smooth and graceful style to post a combined total of 14.84 (from a possible 20).
After competing in a run of recent events on the East coast, Durant used her fresh competition form to edge out Pemba Spargo (Albany), Arabelle Gibson (Margaret River) and Emma Cattlin (Yallingup).
“I haven’t surf at Flat Rocks that much, but it’s really good to be back competing over a reef break with some power,” said Durant. “I’ve got a new board and it felt really good out there and I'm thrilled to take the win.”
Despite the fourth place finish, Emma Cattlin claimed the Under-18 Girls State Championship, after dominating the opening events in Margaret River and Trigg Beach.

The Under-16 Cadet Boys final was a pleasure to watch, with some critical and flashy surfing offered up by all four finalists. Jed Gradisen (Gracetown) shone during the final, scoring a combined total 15.53 (from a possible 20) to take down Finn Cox (Margaret River), Daniel Benedetti (Margaret River) and Giam Nation (Trigg).

Chasing a solid result in Geraldton, the win moved Gradisen into second place on the overall ratings behind 2017 State Champion Seth Van Heaften (Margaret River).

“Flatties is a really fun wave, it reminds me a lot of Gallows back at home,” said Gradisen. “The Australian Junior Titles experience is so great and I can’t wait to do it all again in a new location, Culburra.”

In other results from the weekend, Emma Cattlin (Yallingup) proved she’s a force to be reckoned with at the National Titles, clean sweeping the Under-16 Cadet Girls division with her third straight victory in the series. Cattlin scored the events only perfect 10-point ride used her powerful and precise backhand repertoire to dispose of Coral Durant (Carnarvon), Maddie Cawood (Margaret River) and Holly Minter (Albany).

“I’m over the moon right now, I can’t even describe it, its like a dream come true,” said Cattlin. “I’ve been working hard this year and the National Titles is a challenge I’m really looking forward to.”

Solomon Pogue-Englert (Gracetown) captured the Under-14 Grommet Boys State Championship with a gutsy performance from the exciting young goofy-footer. The win sees Pogue-Englert qualify for his first Australian Titles and he was ecstatic with the result.
“The waves have been really fun, there’s a lot of good sections to hit out there,” said Pogue-Englert. “Thanks to my parents, my sponsors and the boys in the final with me.”

Zali Hewson (Margaret River) dominated the Under-14 Grommet Girls division, winning her maiden State Championship. Surfing with maturity beyond her years, Hewson drew some great lines with her board, posting a combined two-wave total of 12.50 (from a possible 20).

Macklin Flynn (Mandurah) was a popular winner and proved he’s a star on the rise, claiming  his first State Championship with victory in the Under-12 Micro-Groms. The close fought win came over Otis North (Yallingup) and brothers Maverick and Phoenix Wilson (Mandurah).
Flynn picks up a brand new custom surfboard thanks to Grubb, after being awarded the 2017 WA Junior Rising Star.

“After three great events in Margaret River, Trigg Beach and here in Geraldton, we congratulate our 2017 State Junior Champions and wish those surfers all the best for the National Titles in NSW later this year," said Surfing WA Events Manager Justin Majeks. "After some great individual and team results at last years Australian Titles on Phillip Island, I’m sure WA will once gain perform strongly on the national stage.”

The attention of the successful surfers will now shift to scheduled training camps, and high performance sessions that will best prepare the team for the pressures of a National Title campaign.
While the upcoming SunSmart School Surfing Titles will provide surfers from metropolitan and regional WA the opportunity to compete in a team and represent their school and their state at the National Titles in the School Sport Australia respective divisions.

You can see the final ratings for the WA Junior Surfing Titles 2017 by clicking here

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Under-12 Micro Groms:
1. Macklin Flynn (Mandurah) – 15.73
2. Otis North (Yallingup) – 14.57
3. Maverick Wilson (Mandurah) – 11.23
4.Phoenix Wilson (Mandurah) – 8.26
2017 State Champion – Macklin Flynn
Under-14 Grom Girls:
1. Zali Hewson (Margaret River) – 12.50
2. Lilli Cox (Margaret River) – 7.93
3. Summa Sunderland (Margaret River) – 5.67
4. Willow Hardy (Margaret River) – 5.60
2017 State Champion – Zali Hewson
Under-14 Grom Boys:
1.. Solomon Pogue Englert (Gracetown) – 15.50
2. George Simpson (Gracetown) – 14.3
3. Brock Launders (Margaret River) – 10.93
4. Dylan Vernon (Yallingup) – 9.43
2017 State Champion – Solomon Pogue-Englert

Under-16 Cadet Girls:
1. Emma Cattlin (Yallingup) – 14.60
2. Coral Durant (Carnarvon) – 11.04
3. Maddie Cawood (Margaret River) – 8.27
4. Holly Minter (Albany) – 5.84
2016 State Champion – Emma Cattlin
Under-16 Cadet Boys:
1. Jed Gradisen (Gracetown) – 15.53
2. Finn Cox (Margaret River) – 14.93
3. Daniel Benedetti (Margaret River) – 6.93        
4. Giam Nation (Trigg) – 5.70
2017 State Champion – Seth Van Haeften

Under-18 Junior Girls:
1. Coral Durant (Carnarvon) – 14.84
2. Pemba Spargo (Albany) – 11.03
3. Arabelle Gibson (Margaret River) – 10.34
4. Emma Cattlin (Yallingup) – 8.74
4. Jamaica Selby (Margaret River) – 7.77
2017 State Champion – Emma Cattlin
Under-18 Junior Boys:
1. Jack Haslau (Margaret River) – 17.37
2. Ben Gradisen (Gracetown) – 16.97
3. Josh Cattlin (Yallingup) – 16.03
4. Jolan Bonelli (Margaret River) – 12.10
2017 State Champion – Jack Haslau


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